What should you look for in a Chimney repair service?

chimney manWhen you are looking for a chimney repair service there are a few important things you need to look for. First and foremost, this decision will decide the safety of your family. With this thought in mind, the repairs and maintenance on your chimney should be completed properly with caution and safety in mind. Any service provider that you hire to repair your chimney should offer a 100% guarantee with every repair they make and should be considered certified chimney specialists.

They should be tried and proven with enough years behind their name that they are part of the community and their work sits on multiple roofs. Finally, the chimney company should be licensed and insured, and be a integral part of the better business bureau of Suffolk County.

A few things that a professional service should offer. They should offer a normal chimney inspection including correcting building code violations of not only New York, but also the Suffolk County codes. They should also inspect the waterproofing, brick pointing, the lining of the chimney itself, and masonry tuck-pointing. They should also be able to repair any leaks, small spider cracks and any other structural problems that is happening to your chimney. The company shouldn’t spend all its energy on the outside or the inside of the chimney, they should also offer services to mantel and facing of your fireplace. With services such as fireplace refacing and repair as well as reglassing the front of the mantel itself. When you chose a service to repair your chimney in Suffolk County, they should be as familiar with your community and the area as they are with the way your chimney works.